Life & Times

Bad Fruit

Day 8

A Fruit You Dislike and Why

Here we go.

I don’t like cantaloupe.


I’m a fan of most other melons; watermelons, honeydew, etc.never have, but cantaloupe I cannot do. It’s a little ironic because it might be my dad’s favorite fruit. He can eat the whole thing in one sitting if you’re not careful. I just never have liked it.

I don’t like cantaloupe because to me it tastes like bloody gums.

It’s embarrassing even to write it down! I know it sounds crazy. I know it sounds disgusting. But when I bite into a peice of cantaloupe I’m reminded of the same taste I get when I get a tiny sharp chip lodged between my tooth and my gum. When you pull it out, your mouth bleeds a little because it was just shanked, and that tastes like cantaloupe!


Every once in a while I try another peice of cantaloupe just to see if my taste buds have changed, because I really want to like it. But every time I’m disappointed. And a little grossed out.


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