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10 Best Podcasts to Stream Right Now

I have gotten really into podcasts over the last year, which is ironic because I used to DETEST talk radio. Why would you use a radio for anything other than playing music?? Somewhere my 15-year-old self is wearing studded bracelets and judging me real hard.

Maybe being into podcasts and such is an age related thing; seeing as most of my friends also prefer listening to talk over music when working or going on really long road trips. Perhaps it’s a sign that we’re all getting older…like when all my girlfriends got crock-pots for their 25th birthday and were excited about it. Or maybe we’ve realized the internet is for more than funny cat videos.

Like many people, Serial was my first real foray into podcasts. Since then I’ve been hooked and constantly looking for something just as engaging and entertaining as Serial, season one. It’s taken a lot of searching and trying things out, but I now have a varied list of 10 really good podcasts to listen to right now. These are my favorite podcasts. I subscribe to them, I eagerly await each new episode and I die a little when they go on break. Check ’em out!

Throwing Shade

Throwing Shade is my favorite comedy podcast around. Hosted by comedians Erin Gibson and Brian Safi, each episode covers current political and cultural events with a lot of crass, outrageous and sometimes silly humor. Their tagline pretty much sums it up: “we take a look at issues concerning ladies, and gays, and treat them with much less respect than they deserve.” Each episode is roughly an hour long and I snicker uncontrollably at my workstation for the entirety. Love these two!

True Crime
Real Crime Profile

Real Crime Profile is hosted by legit special agents who have had a hand in just about every high-profile case you’ve ever heard of. Former FBI profiler Jim Clemente, criminal behavior analyst of New Scotland Yard Laura Richards and casting director of Criminal Minds Lisa Zambetti dive into the murder cases dominating the news and take them apart piece by piece to analyze what really happened. The series starts with a breakdown of ‘Making a Murderer’ and doesn’t slow down from there. I leave each episode feeling both entertained and educated. This airs once a week and most episodes are around an hour long.


Accused focuses on the cold case murder of Elizabeth Andes, and examines how the police investigation left more questions than answers. This 8 episode series started during the summer and wrapped up in late September this year, but as it investigates a cold case from the 70s you won’t have to worry about spoilers or feel like you’re way behind on something. Each episode is a little over 45 minutes and is a great podcast for people who like a definite beginning and end.

In the Dark

Ok, if you like true crime but also believe police work in this country needs a gross overhaul, then In the Dark is DEFINITELY for you. This podcast takes a look at the 1989 abduction of Jacob Wetterling from a tiny, rural town that left police clueless for nearly 30 years. Amazingly, one week before In the Dark was set to air, the person responsible for the boy’s disappearance was caught. This 9 chapter podcast came out in late august and wrapped up in October, so it’s another good one if you like to finish things.


Criminal podcast shares stories of anything and everything relating to crime. It’s not always a murder mystery, and it’s not always a crime that you’d expect. It’s hosted by Phoebe Judge, who has a voice like silky, creamy lotion for your ears. Most episodes are stand alone, so you can definitely jump in where you like; however, I recommend listening from the beginning as they’re all so interesting. Episodes come out every 2 weeks and are about 30 minutes long so it’s totally doable.


Tanis plays out like a real Serial-esque kind of narrative with interviews and investigative reporting, but it has strong characters and great sound FX that make it feel like you’re listening to a movie. Host Nick Silver stars as himself in this drama as he searches for the truth behind a centuries-old legend called Tanis. I can’t say much more without giving spoilers, but if you like science fiction and horror, then this podcast is for you.

The Black Tapes

The Black Tapes is an eerie series in the same vein as Tanis; in fact, it’s produced by the same team. This docudrama is narrated by journalist Alex Reagan and follows her down the rabbit hole of paranormal investigation and bizarre cults. It’s like ‘The Davinci Code’ crossed with ‘Supernatural’. It’s totally spooky and I totally thought it was all real for the first 5 episodes. Listen to it, and imagine my relief.

Topical Non-Fiction

If you’ve been following my blog for very long, then it’s no surprise to you that Lore is one of my favorite podcasts. In each half-hour episode host, and writer Aaron Mahnke takes a look at the history behind legends and ghost stories. From vampires to checking Halloween candy for razor blades, Lore covers it all. Perfect for other story geeks like me!

Story Shop

StoryShop is a great “how-to” podcasts for writers who want to improve their productivity (ahem, actually write something) and try to make a career doing it (ahem, pay your bills). It’s a 9 episode mini-pod hosted by authors Sean Platt, Johnny B Truant and David Write. The hosts are good friends and writing partners, so it’s like listening to a conversation rather than a lecture and they give good advice you can actually put to use. Best of all, each episode left me excited to go write!

Code Switch

Just saying the letters “NPR” makes me feel instantly more adult. But not like a regular adult, like a cool adult. Code Switch an NPR podcast about race in America. Sounds heavy, but it’s equally humorous as it is challenging. I’m a white girl from a middle-class upbringing which means I don’t know jack about race or the experience of being a person of color. I listen to Code Switch to learn and to get a broader view of the world. Episodes tend to be in the half-hour range, cover all sorts of topics and don’t go in any particular order. I recommend it to anyone on the path to “woke-ness” and anyone who doesn’t know what “woke” means.

2 thoughts on “10 Best Podcasts to Stream Right Now

  1. You got me at sci-fi horror (Tanis). I’ve been nerding out on strictly nonfiction podcasts and it’s beginning to add up. I need some fun. Cool list!


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