Life & Times

Short Order

I have been locked out of Blogger for a week, something about site maintenance or some other computery thing, I’m not sure. I’m not the most computer savvy person in the world. Not even in my apartment complex.

But I’m back!

I haven’t had a whole lot of time this past week to work on my Path to Publication; I’ve had a lot going on. I’m training for the Merril Down and Dirty Mud Run coming up in a few weeks. It will be my first ever 5K attempt so naturally I chose one with mud and a military style obstacle course. Go big, or go home.

Another new development in the past week is that my apartment has become a boarding house for parrots. A Green Cheek Conure named Kiwi is residing with my roommate and me for the next 3 weeks. She poops every 15 minutes. The bird, that is – not my roommate.

She’s a very pretty bird. And she’s quiet too, as far as parrots go. But that doesn’t mean I’m ready for her to crawl on my shoulder and peck my eyes out.


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