Oh How Pinteresting!

I have now entered that magical stage of adulthood known as Renting a House. Renting a house comes with a great deal of responsibility; namely the responsibility of making said house as cute as possible. So where did I turn in my quest for excellent decorating?

Pinterest of course!

If you have somehow missed the Pinterest bandwagon and don’t know why I keep mispelling the word “interest”, then you should know that it is “an online pin board” where you can look at all kinds of things online and then “pin” it to your board. (AKA, save it to your account so you can come back and look at it later) It’s like window shopping. And it’s a great place to get ideas for recipes, decorating, gardening, outfits and pretty much everything and anything. The best thing about the DIY section is that you can follow the link to get directions on how to make things…awesome things.

Things like…

A floating bookshelf!

A crayon melt to add color to a boring tan room!

Ways to make Mason jars useful!

Inspiration to turn this…

Into this…

A way to display your jewelry!

And lastly, a way to display your hip record collection!

Yes, my three rooms have become Pinterest rooms and no, I’m not ashamed of it. I’ve probably spent more money trying to make these things than if I had just gone out and bought a simple shelf or an ordinary jewelry box. But I am a maker; and I hate the ordinary.

So nevermind that I spray painted the bottoms of my feet blue or that my mother told me I don’t have nuts. I created something. I did it myself.

So, here’s an update: there now exists an Official Facebook Page to SpinningJenni’s Path to Publication. And that is exactly what it’s called. Please like my page! You’ll get exclusive content of my goings on, and access to my posts. The main reasons I’m doing this are to get to know my readers a little better, generate more traffic to my blog, and because I don’t want any creepers stalking my personal page.

Thanks for reading! =)


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