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10 Things I Don’t Miss from the 90s

There’s seems to be a proliferation of 1990’s nostalgia lately.

Every time I get on Facebook or Buzzfeed or Pinterest there is some new, trending list of 90’s memorabilia, from music to toys to Nickelodeon.

Well, I love reminiscing about The Fresh Prince, and Polly Pocket and Chumbawumba as much as everyone else, but not everything in this decade was all that and a bag of potato chips.

10 Things I DON’T Miss from the 90’s

1. Overalls

     Unless you’re a farmer, DON’T do it.

90s overalls

2. Dial-Up Internet

     The noise! The suspense! The agony!
Thanks to you can relive the aggravation.

dsl pic

3. Vests



4. Mom Jeans

   Our poor mothers.


5. The OJ Simpson Trial

   Nope. Don’t miss it.


6. These Hats

As if the hats alone weren’t bad enough,
we had to add plastic fruit and flowers to
really  make a statement.

hats of blossum

7. Acid Wash Jeans

    Even my Ken doll fell victim…

acid wash jeans

8. Fanny Packs

    No. Just no.


9. Spiral Phone Cords

   More like a human tether.

phone cord

10. Belly Shirts

   Really not as cute as we thought they were.

popstar belly shirt


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