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31 Best Horror Movies

I. Freakin’. LOVE. Halloween.

The whole month of October is 31 days of pumpkins, blood, and candy.

What else could you ask for??

(Well, brains if you’re a zombie)

To get you in the proper mindset of a good ol’ horrifying Halloween, I have specially crafted a list of 31 Movies to Watch in October.

These are my hand picked, best horror films to watch each night of the month to get you all sorts of pumped up for All Hallow’s Eve!

And to try something new, I’ve decided to turn my list into a CHALLENGE! 

I’m challenging myself  to watch each and every movie on the line up. I’ll be live tweeting during each film. I’m calling it  the #FrightNightChallenge. 

(Oh yeah! I hashtagged.)

Join me! Take the Fright Night Challenge and see if you’ve got the guts to watch each movie in October!

Here’s my list of the best scary movies to watch this Halloween:

31 Movies to Watch in October

1. An American Werewolf in London The best transformation scene ever!
An_American_Werewolf_in_London_poster                         2. The Skeleton Key  Kate Hudson and Voodoo magic

                                                                                             skeleton key

3. Trick ‘r Treat Like Love Actually, with bloodshed


4. The Shining Heeeere’s Johnny!

the shining

5. 28 Days Later Takes the zombie legend to a new level, kick ass soundtrack

28 days later

6. Pan’s Labyrinth A terrifying fairy-tale

pans labyrinth

7. Resident Evil That Russian chick blasting zombies and stickin’ it to the man at the same time

resident evil

8. Catacombs  Featuring Pink. Yes, that Pink.
A suspenseful thriller that messes with your mind a bit. (It’s a little hard to find, so substitute House on Haunted Hill, if you need)


9. The Omen Is Damien evil incarnate? Is his mother crazy? Or is he just a creepy little punk?

the omen

10. The Grudge A scary modern ghost story – you’ll never wash your hair the same way again!
(Bonus points if you watch the Japanese original)

the grudge

11. Poltergeist This is what happens when you build houses on Indian Burial Grounds, mmkay? This film is also responsible for my fear of the static “snowy” channel on TV.


12. Texas Chainsaw Massacre Everything’s bigger in Texas! Even inbred, cannibalistic psycho-killers!*

tx chainsaw

13. The Others Nicole Kidman in a good old fashioned ghost story circa WWI

the others

14. Alien Sigourney Weaver. Chest-bursting aliens.


15. Psycho Just classic Alfred Hitchcock, who believed your imagination was scarier than anything he could show you.


16. Rosemary’s Baby Beware your neighbors; they may be Satan worshiping baby snatchers.


17. From Dusk Til Dawn Tarantino. Rodriguez. Clooney.
A pair of outlaws hijack a family’s RV, and go to hide out in a Mexican truck stop. A bloody bar brawl of vampires and werewolves ensues, but who will survive?

dusk til dawn

18. Let the Right One In the best vampire movie ever made.
Really, like, ever.

let the right one

19. The Thing An absolutely terrifying alien let lose on Earth – I’m warning you, it gets gross. With movies, I always recommend the original, but it’s your call.

the thing

20. Silence of the Lambs Quid pro quo, Clarice. Quid pro quo.

silence of the lamb

21. The Amityville Horror I always thought it would be cool to live in a haunted house, but when the walls start bleeding, it’s time to go.
The original is great! but I’m watching the remake because I like me some Ryan Reynolds. Just sayin’.


22. Dawn of the Dead The zombie apocalypse has arrived.
What would YOU do?

dawn of dead

23. Seven A serial killer is using the 7 Deadly Sins as his M.O.
And it’s just so thrilling.


24. Silent Hill Creep-ass movie inspired by a creep-ass video game.

silent hill

25. Friday the 13th Summer camp is fun! Until Jason and that eerie sound effect show up.

friday 13

23. The Fly Must watch the one with Jeff Goldblum… it’s just horrific.

the fly

27. Jaws Saw it when I was 5, been hooked on horror ever since.


28. The Exorcist Pea soup anyone?


29. Nightmare on Elm Street Johnny Depp’s break-out role


30. Night of the Living Dead The original zombie film

night of living dead

31. Halloween Happy Halloween!


11 thoughts on “31 Best Horror Movies

  1. This is a fantastic list. Very happy to see Let the Right One In as a lot of people like to leave it off their horror movie lists. Also, if you liked the werewolf transformation from American Werewolf in London you might be interested in the transformation they have on the Netflix series Hemlock Grove. The series is kind of so-so, but that transformation scene is probably the best I’ve ever seen.

    • Thanks!! Yeah, I’m always shocked to how many lists don’t include Let the Right One In. Such a shame. I will have to check out Hemlock Grove. I started the first episode once but couldn’t get into it. It’s definitely worth checking out for that scene though.

      • Have you read the book or seen the American remake? The remake isn’t actually that bad as far as remakes go, but the book is fantastic. You get such a better look at the characters and what motivates them. Plus the English translation is great.

        It’s really not easy to get into, mostly because it’s kind of bleh. But the transformation happens only once in full detail and it’s (I think) on the second episode. Once that happens everything after is pretty downhill and weird.

      • Yes I have read the book! I thought it was amazing, and way scarier than the movie. It’s definitely one of my favorite books, and I really think a great achievement in the horror genre.

        I haven’t watched the remake – I was disappointed that made an American remake because I was so in love with the original and I kind of turned in to a film snob. But I need to watch it, and take it from the standpoint of it just being another artist’s interpretation of the story.

        I will watch that transformation, and get back to you. I’m always interested to see how other people handle werewolf transformations. The one on Trick’r Treat is pretty interesting too.

      • I watched it last night! Yes – that is one of the coolest transformations I’ve ever seen. I loved all the blood and the fact that they used a real wolf at the end. So awesome!

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