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NaNoWriMo Excerpt – Condensed

Civil War Soldier

Ok, so I posted an excerpt from my zombie novel a little while ago and I was just so gosh darn excited it ended up being 5 pages long!

I just couldn’t handle making it any shorter! It was the first time any other eyes besides mine would see it, and I felt kind of like a kid going “Mom! MOM! Look what I can do!”

I love you guys – my readers – and I want to share my writing with you. So I’m making a condensed soup version of my previous novel excerpt.

To read all 5 pages, go here!

To get a flash of my novel, continue reading.

The excerpt I’m sharing with you takes place in the middle of the first chapter. My main character (MC) is Union Captain Frank “Cap” Barlow. He and his men are separated from their company and are trying to get back when they are suddenly ambushed by Confederate militia. Panic spreads when a unit of Rebel zombies – the first known occurrence in American history – interrupt the battle to feed.

Excerpt, War Heroes, Bandits and Zombies (working title)

Three rebel soldiers ran right past him. They made no attempt at hurting him nor capturing him, even though it surely would have won them three weeks furlough and a promotion. He turned and watched as they scampered off, both taking a right turn at the same time.

“Munson! O’Rourke! This way,” Cap called. Those fleeting soldiers knew where they were going, and there had to be better than here.

O’Rourke cocked his rifle, took aim and shot another approaching soldier through the stomach. Munson clamped a hand on his shoulder and pulled him back towards the captain. O’Rourke felt it comforting to have the big man with him.

Frank slung his rifle from off his body and, grimacing against the pain in his left arm, raised it and shot a running, clambering solider in the chest. The soldier spun completely around. He stumbled side to side, then paused catching his balance. The soldier’s head slowly turned and looked up at Frank.

Frank gasped and took a step back, appalled.

This soldier’s face was a pale sickly green. Thick, tarry blood oozed from his mouth. He coughed, spluttering the bloody substance through the air. His lips pulled back into a vicious snarl. Keeping his pale eyes on Frank, he screamed an angry, raspy, croaking scream.

Chills ran across Frank’s entire body. His heart raced. The color drained from his face.

“Run,” He whispered, but his feet remained stuck to the ground.


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Thank you so much to all my followers and readers for your support. I could not have made it through NaNoWriMo with out you, and I would not have the courage to chase my dream without your amazing support. I hope that one day I can show you all just how much I appreciate you.

Thank you for reading! =)


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