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The Guide tells me that my next step on this uncertain journey is to develop an e-presence. Much like an apostle I need to get out and mingle with the people, start spreadin’ the word and gather a following. Apparently publishers really dig it when authors already have an audience before they submit their works. I guess it’s a lot less work the Publisher has to do if enough people already know who you are and actually like you enough to hand over their hard-earned money for something you made. Which I think is just lazy business on the Publisher’s end but, hey….I will jump through a fiery hoop into a shark infested pool if that’s what I have to do.

I already have a Facebook page (of course, who doesn’t? My Grandma has a Facebook.) and I’ve got this nifty little blog that is slowly taking over life. The one thing I was lacking that The Guide insisted I get was a Twitter account. I groaned, I cringed, I stamped my feet, I tried to reason with the book that I did not need Twitter in my life and if it continued to persist in this manner we would not be friends anymore. I gave The Guide a couple of days to think it over, but seeing it sitting there on my desk with all its wisdom and promises of success, I finally buckled.

Back in September my friend Josh harassed me into signing up for a Twitter account. 6 months later I made my first, awkward Tweet. And you know what? It wasn’t so bad.

I have absolutely nothing against people who Twitter or Tweet or whatever the kids are calling it. Many of my friends and favorite people do it all the time, and I think that’s great…for them. My hang up is that I just don’t see the point of Twitter if I already have a Facebook where people can see my status and much more. Why do I need both?

As I’ve played around with it a little more I can see the advantages of having one just to follow others. A lot of publishers have Twitter accounts, like Harper-Collins whom I’m currently following. Obviously that’s a good connection to have. I can also find writer’s groups and book agents to follow who are ripe with juicy knowledge and advice. And then there’s the winning Charlie Sheen.

So, if you’d like to dear reader, you can follow my awkward Twittering @Spinning_Jenni.

Also, before I started this blog I had aspirations of maintaining a music blog called Music You Should Be Listening To. I only have one post right now but I want to try and post one a month. Not because I’m lazy (well, sorta) but because I put a lot of thought into it and it takes me a while to write it up to par. You can check out my last post on the matter here:

Some people have been asking how they can keep up with new blog postings and such with minimal effort and you can do that by signing up for the RSS feed. This will send you an email every time a delectable new post is available for your reading pleasure.

My posting schedule will go thusly: A new post on Sunday or Monday depending on the nature of my weekend to keep you updated on where I’m at on the path to publication. And a new post on Wednesday nights containing a sample of my creative writing.

Thanks for reading!

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