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Vacation All I Ever Wanted

It being summer, I’ve been vacationing and haven’t had a lot of time to work on my Path or write on my blog. But I thought I’d give you a little synopsis of what’s been going on in the world of Jenni since we last spoke.

Last weekend I went to Lake LBJ to meet up with my family and some friends. I left Friday evening after I got off work with my roomie riding shotgun for our 4 hour drive. I can no longer bear I 35, so I chose to take the back roads. Ya know, the undivided, hilly, not-illuminated back roads of Texas.

Well about an hour after the sun had completely set I was just driving around minding my own business when a huge ass deer decided to stand in the middle of the highway and sniff the road. I slammed on the brakes – couldn’t swerve to the other lane because there were cars coming – and managed to slow from 70 to to 55 in like 3 seconds. My CD book case had been resting on my console, and when I pumped the brakes the book case went flying forward, shoving my clutch from Drive to Neutral.

The deer casually looked up at me, blinked a couple times and moseyed on off the road.

When my dad called me later to see where we were the first thing I said was, “I almost hit a deer!”

To which he replied, “Your mom hit an owl.”

Animals beware when the Browns take to the road at night!

Fortunately I did not hit any animals – which is good for a number of reasons but mostly because I would have thrown up had I ran something over. The rest of the weekend was spent holding onto a tube for dear life, escaping the evil swans, and falling off a jet ski. The highlight was when I shot a fish with my bow early one morning. It was the first time I’d shot a fish and I got the sucker on my second try. For legal reasons I won’t say what kind of fish it was, but I will tell you it was about 6 pounds and very delicious.

This whole week I’ve been trying to catch up with life, but I made time to go buy a Betta fish for my desk at work. He is red and I named him Godric after the character on True Blood. So far he has made my work day that much more interesting.

And this evening when I came home I opened the door to find a shirtless man coming out of my bathroom. This was especially surprising since I thought no one was home. But it turned out he was my rommie’s friend and he had just come back from the pool. Nevertheless, it was a pleasant surprise.

You won’t get any posts from me next week as I will be in California all week living it up. Rest assured I will come back with some awesome stories to share with you. 😉

Thanks for reading! =)


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