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Back In the Saddle Again

I’m back!

It’s been a busy few weeks, my dear reader. Between going to L.A. and having guests and dog sitting and concert going and taking an hour and half to get to a Home Goods that’s only 15 minutes away, I haven’t had time to post. But I’m back in the saddle.

My trip to Los Angeles was perfection. I had great time seeing my old London buddies and even greater time seeing famous people. They really are everywhere in Hollywood.

Right after my plane touched down at Bob Hope airport we went to a taping of Chelsea Lately where Lisa Kudrow was the guest. She still looks just like Phoebe. On another day we ate dinner at the fancy restaurant at Chateau Marmont – the hotel where Lady Gaga stays. “If it’s good enough for Gaga, it’s good enough for us!” I said. After accidently valet parking ourselves we did our very best to not come off as poor kids and keep our eyes from bulging out at the menu prices. And then we saw her. Eating at a table for two halfway across the restaurant was Olivia Wilde. (Thirteen from House and the girl from Tron and Cowboys and Aliens)

Let me just say that she is really, really, really, really beautiful in person. And skinny as a rail. And she smokes and talks with her hands and her laugh sounds like music.

Since we were all dolled up, my friends and I decided to go back to the apartment and get some pictures taken together. My host’s friend Patrick had met us for dinner and was coming back to the apartment with us to hang out. On our way back, my host rolled down her window and motioned for Patrick to do the same.

“Hey! Do you mind taking pictures of us when we get back?”

“What, like naked?”

“No!……Maybe later.”

(*No naked pictures were taken. Don’t worry, family members.)

Later that week we went to a taping of The Soup and got pictures taken with Joel McHale, and we saw Ugly Betty at a coffee shop and on the last day we saw Jane Lynch in Barnes and Noble’s. She said hi to us. Because we’re cool like that.

Anywho, in the world of writing I’m still revising my novel and I’m also working on a short story for a writing contest. I’ve let myself be intimidated by the Query Letter for too long and it’s time to knock it out. My deadline is to have sent queries to at least 5 literary agents by the end of October. It’s time to nut up or shut up.

Thanks for reading! =)


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