Life & Times

Stating the Obvious

Let me state the obvious for a second here. Everyone loves a 3-day weekend. The extra time to sleep, the extra time to drink, the extra time to shop and put off more of those projects you’ve got piling up. A 3-day weekend is like finding a dollar in your pocket. You had it coming the whole time but now that you found it, hey! Things are a little brighter.

However, the first day back after a 3-day weekend is horrid. Like going for your first colonoscopy horrid. Especially when you’re starting back to work on a Tuesday after a Monday off. I know this from experience.

For example, my Tuesday back to work after Labor Day weekend was ridiculous. How so? Well, I woke up late, only had one pair of jeans that did not have a hole in the crotchal region, had a flat tire, forgot my snack for the day, had this conversation: “I need our FEIN.” “Who’s FEIN? Our FEIN? Missed you at the wedding!”, walked through a large group of software developers in a narrow hall twice, received an e-mail from my mother every 5 minutes asking whether I had ordered her concert tickets yet, listened to my friend ask her 3 year old if she knew what a nervous breakdown was, got slapped in the face by a dog’s tail and had to go to Wal-Mart.

Add to that my already heightened state of anxiety and I was at the end of my ever-loving rope by nightfall.

I need a vacation.

Luckily, I am going on vacation to Our Nation’s Capitol this weekend and won’t be back until next week. That means no new post this Sunday, but I’ll probably have something to say or the 14th or 15th provided I am not swept away in a Secret Service raid or a hurricaine.

As always…thanks for reading! =)


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