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Yeah, Toast!

Sometimes I volunteer to do things when I am in a compromised state of sobriety that I would ordinarily not offer myself up for. And sometimes in those situations I end up writing a toast for a dear friend’s wedding. This is one of those situations.

Two of my very best friends are getting married to each other at the end of the year. We have all been friends for a long time and we all knew that this day would come because these two people are perfect for each other. Seriously. So of course I’ve been super excited and looking forward to the wedding because this will be the first wedding I will attend where I personally know the bride and groom and where there will be an open bar.

The last time I saw these friends we had a bit of a party on my patio and apparently I announced before God and all creation, “I am writing a toast for your wedding! Deal with it.”

Here’s the thing.

I have never written a toast before. I have never even given a toast before. And I have never been around so many Catholics before!

Actually I did come up with a toast once, a silly little thing. It goes like this:

“We are all on a ship. And that ship…is a friendship.”


Not quite a wedding toast.

I know I’ll drum up something good ( I better be able to, if I want to consider myself a writer) so I’m not too worried about content. I’m more concerned about the technical things. How long should a toast be? Where should I pause for dramatic effect? Do I really have to tap my knife against my glass to get everyone’s attention? Should I lead everyone in an impromptu singing of “Amazing Grace”?

If anyone has any advice or recommendations on how to write an exceptional toast, do please let me know!

Thanks for reading! =)


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