Blink-182 "Neighborhoods" Rocks My World

Here is a short, rushed review of Blink-182’s new album Neighborhoods I just felt compelled to write after listening to it the whole way through.

Mark, Tom and Travis are at it again.

If you’re anything like me, then you grew up listening to Blink-182. You pumped your fist to “Dammit”, you laughed your brace-face off at the music video for “What’s My Age Again?” and “Adam’s Song” became your own personal anthem. And you were devastated when Blink broke up.

Blink-182 are back to doing what they do best. Their new album, just released on DGC Records, sounds incredible with the familiar riffs and insane drums, and the complimentary way Tom DeLong and Mark Hoppus’ voices blend together. Though it sounds quintessentially Blink, it sounds totally fresh and new. A more mature sound for a more mature audience.

Mark Hoppus said he “couldn’t write a happy song for this album,” and it’s true that the music is wrought with emotion and dark compared to some of their earlier stuff. But despite this, the boys are able to walk the line between angsty and jaded and deliver heartfelt, earnest music that is both believable and relate-able to the listener.

My favorite song so far is “After Midnight” – about two people always being there for each other no matter what. It has a strong hook and a great melody and will probably be some lucky pop-punk couple’s song.

If you want to hear an awesome showcase of Travis Barker’s mad drum skills (and I know you do) check out track 5 – “Heart’s All Gone.”

Look, if you have any doubt about whether you want to buy this album or not, just effing do it. The CD delivers all that Blink-182 greatness that you love. You will not be disappointed.

Loser Kids rejoice!

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