You + Me

It’s Music Monday!

This is another new thing I’m trying out here on the blog. Mondays suck – we know this.

But you know what doesn’t suck? Music. (usually)

To make Mondays a little less awful, I thought I’d share with you guys some cool new music to check out.

Maybe you’ve heard of the artists I’ll feature, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’ll love them! Or maybe you hate them. Well, that’s something you should totally leave in the comments section below!

This week’s Music Monday Artist is…

you plus me name

Coming out of nowhere, musicians Dallas Green of City and Colour and Pink (aka Alecia Moore) have collided and formed the new folk duo You + Me.

la–et–0916–pinkYou + Me – pronounced You Plus Me – are sort of an unplanned band baby. Pink and Green (lol) met up to work on a song together, and then one thing led to another and surprise! They had an album together.

In fact, You + Me is so brand new that the only track you can listen to right now is their first single “You and Me”. There aren’t even any leaked tracks or phone recorded live performances available to preview.

newsdotcom dot au

That said, I have high expectations of their first full length album Rose Ave., just after listening to one song. Pink’s got a killer voice capable of showing a great range of emotion, and Dallas Green is an excellent guitarist and songwriter. Their voices blend together beautifully, and the music comes across as honest and heartfelt.

You + Me goes well with The Civil Wars, Ryan Adams, and Nickel Creek.

Go ahead and listen to “You and Me.” I bet you’ll be adding it to your playlist (once it’s available on Spotify that is…)




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