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Writing Prompt Wednesday 9.17.14

Wednesdays were made for writing (prompts)!

This week’s Wednesday Writing Prompt comes from “Writing Prompts” on tumblr. They’ve got loads of cool prompts on their page, so please check them out for some inspiration!

writing prompt day of week

Share your work in the comments section!

Ok, here’s mine:

Monday is a homeless drunk, spitting and cursing at you as you try not to notice him. You’re never ready for him, and he just makes you feel bad.

Tuesday is the ambitious intern in the Express skirt suit. She’s eager to impress and has no problem getting that report to you on time while balancing your fat free soy mocha-choca iced latte with two shots of espresso.

Wednesday is a Bob. He’s a pleasant enough guy, he works hard and he’s always right on schedule. You’re not totally sure what he does – maybe something with computers or deliveries – but he always seems like he’s moving on to the next job.

Thursday lives for happy hour. She took advantage of College Night back in the day, and she’s not gonna let half price margaritas escape her now! She’ll invite you out with her to dish on the latest office gossip and drop some harsh but hilarious bombs about your boss behind his back. Just be careful with Thursday; she can be fun, but she can turn right around on you too.

Friday‘s here! Friday is the hometown hero! Everyone loves Friday; he’s talented, he’s funny, and he’s friends with everyone. When Friday comes around he’s going to keep you distracted for a few hours, so don’t bother doing what you’re supposed to. Just enjoy his company before he has to go.

Saturday is so cool and trendy. She’s got that great vintage taste in clothing, and keeps you well informed of her adventures through her Instagram feed. She’s always going off to farmer’s markets, dog parks and hole-in-the-wall concerts for The Next Big Thing.

Sunday is your significant other. You cuddle with him(her), have a nice breakfast together and laze away most of the morning. In the afternoon he as much helps you stay on track with chores as he gets you distracted with funny YouTube videos. Sunday at night is simple and relaxing; hanging out on the couch watching the game or the newest episode of your show together.

If you have an idea for a Writing Prompt or know one that worked well for you, hit me up so we can share it with everyone.

Come back next week for another brand new Writing Prompt on Writing Prompt Wednesday!


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