Stop What You’re Doing and Listen to Shakey Graves

shakey graves


Coming out of Austin, Texas, Shakey Graves is the quick rising-star of the Americana music scene. His music is original, sincere and has a beat you can dance to!

Shakey Graves puts on a hell of a one-man band show; taking the stage with just his guitar and a converted suitcase-kick drum. I’ve seen him live, and he creates so much sound you’d swear he had a full band backing him. He’s got a charming personality and the stage presence of an old pro. His show is probably one of the most enjoyable I’ve ever been to.

On his latest album, And The War Came (due out October 7th – pre-order here!), Shakey shakes it up a bit with an added drummer called “Boo”, and some attention-grabbing harmonies. The first released single, “Dearly Departed” sounds like a classic country jukebox duet with folk singer Esme Patterson. It’s a catchy, and playful tune full of Americana charm.

shakey wiht drum

Shakey Graves goes well with Jamestown Revival, Kings of Leon, Ryan Bingham, and Johnny Cash.

Here are the 3 songs you absolutely must listen to right now!

“Dearly Departed” – It’ll be stuck in your head for days but you won’t mind.

“Roll the Bones” – features some excellent footwork…and fretwork!

“The Perfect Parts” – sounds like a brawl in an old biker bar on the highway.

This post is a part of the Music Monday series here on the blog. Every Monday I’ll post a different artist that I think everyone should listen to. If you know or are an artist I should feature, please hit me up in the comments!

Maybe you’ve heard of the artists I feature, maybe you haven’t. Maybe you love them! Or maybe you hate them. Either way, let me know what you think in the comments section below!

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