Spinning Jenni Quoted by Republic Records for James Bay Review

That’s right!

I got quoted!

This may be completely amateur of me, but I don’t really care. I’m super pumped that Republic Records noticed my Music Monday post about James Bay ( You Should Be Listening to James Bay).

I was just minding my business Saturday morning, trying my best to wake up and not sleep the day away, when I noticed I actually had a notification on Twitter. ‘Tis a rare thing when I have Twitter notifications because a) I’m hardly ever on it and b) I still don’t get the point of Twitter.

So anyway I tap that app and what do I find?IMG_1880

I’ve just  been @Mentioned son!

I’m so, SO excited for the recognition. I want to give a HUGE thanks to Republic Records for the Twitter shout out and for featuring me on their blog…

Your HUGE Weekly Republic News Round-Up Is Here!

I’m towards the bottom but check it out….!republic records quote-001

I gave my honest, whole hearted review of James Bay’s music and it feels so awesome to see my words in quotes. If you still haven’t checked him out, please read my post titled You Should Be Listening to James Bay.

Thanks to everyone whose ever read, followed or shared my blog! You guys rock! None of this would have happened without your support.


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