Mumford & Sons “Wilder Mind” Album is an Electric Success


When they first announced that their latest album would be all electric, many Mumford & Sons fans panicked.

The banjo…what about the banjo!?

I was certainly one of the masses eagerly yet nervously awaiting the Wilder Mind release. And now that it’s here, I have good news…

It works!

Mumford & Sons may have swapped the banjos and mandolins for electric guitars and a wearable bass on the new album, but the music contains the same distinct songwriting that has had us all stomping and singing along since the beginning.Mumford&Sons2

Wilder Mind has an ’80s rock influence with a few notes of U2 and Tom Petty, but holds true to that Brit-Rock vibe. I’m also reminded of Coldplay and Jeff Buckley – especially on the track, Broad Shouldered Beasts. This is a great album to jam out to, and I’m excited to add it to my vinyl collection.

You can stream the album on Spotify and download it for free with Amazon Prime.

Songs to check out:

The Wolf is my favorite song on the album. It’s a high energy, rockin’ track you’ll want to crank up the volume for.

Only Love features those Mumford & Sons harmonies we love. The song really starts jamming at 2:58.

Wilder Mind, the title track, sounds like a moody, rainy day. It features some tortured guitar and a strong baseline.

Mumford & Sons are currently touring in England and Ireland, with a few stopover dates popping up in the US and Canada. Keep an eye out for a potential show near you! You don’t want to miss Mumford & Sons live.

2 thoughts on “Mumford & Sons “Wilder Mind” Album is an Electric Success

  1. Love this review and your, wait, where are your Music Mondays? I also miss your “Bands you should be listening to” blog!

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