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10 Interesting Facts About Me

Day 4 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge!

10 interesting facts about yourself

Ummm….ok. Ten is a lot.


  1. I studied abroad in London at King’s College in the summer of 2009. My course was called The Psychopathology of Jack the Ripper; it covered everything from Sigmund Freud’s influence on psychology to criminology and the minds of serial killers to cutting-edge substance abuse treatment.

  2. I like to draw to relieve stress. I’ve characterized most of the people I know into little cartoon cats.

  3. I’m afraid of birds.


  4. I’m good at making really dumb rhymes.

  5. I’m excellent at doing accents. Scottish, Irish, French, Celine Dion, Boston, various English accents. My Russian accent is off the chain. So much so that whenever my mom gets’s a letter from her Russian friend she has me read it aloud to her in said accent. Is nice!

  6. I knew the Austin Powers movies so well that no one would play the trivia game with me. austin-powers-international-man-of-mystery-original
  7. I cannot stand tomatoes. I’ll pull them off my hamburger or taco, but then I have to cover them with a napkin. Ick.

  8. I have a vast knowledge of dog breeds. Dogs are my favorite animal. When I was a kid I had an encyclopedia of dogs and I made it my mission to memorize every breed in that book.


  9. Apparently, I don’t have a Texas accent. Which is strange since I’ve lived here my entire life. I had to work with a detective once when my car was broken into, and after having a lengthy conversation with him, he asked where I was from. When I told him West Texas, he was surprised. He said I had a “North-western accent.” That works for me, though, because I’ve always felt like I belong in Oregon. (My dad said he probably wasn’t a good detective)
  10. I’m an underwater pumpkin-carving champion!


3 thoughts on “10 Interesting Facts About Me

  1. I do the same thing! Think of people and scenarios in my head as little animated cats! If only I could draw. Keep writing~ I love reading it!


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