Life & Times

The Place I Want to Live

Day 5 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge!

A place you’d like to live, but have never visited before.

There are so many places I think  I’d like to live. I can see myself all over the planet. The first place that comes to mind, though, is Oregon.


I imagine I could live anywhere in Oregon and be happy. The cool, rainy weather, the mountains, the forest, the coast! It already has everything I want geographically. Oregon even has real seasons. Picture it: a true fall with brilliant color-change and pumpkins that don’t rot out in 3 days!

In Texas, we just have spring and summer with a dash of winter thrown in.


I read a lot about Portland and I think that’s probably my city of choice for Oregon. They have public gardens – garden space where you can come and plant your own crops – strong support for the arts, dog-friendly everything and it’s basically the mecca for hipsters.


I know, “ew, hipsters suck” but I am completely a hipster at heart. I’ll accept your judgement if you accept me for who I am. Now let’s throw down some vinyl and go shopping at the thrift stores. We’ll stop by the farmer’s market on our way to the old-timey bicycle festival.



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