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“If only I’d had an enemy greater than my apathy I would have won.” – Mumford and Sons

It’s no secret that the biggest roadblock standing in the way of my Path to Publication is myself. My own personal fears and doubts are like a 50 foot brick wall with razor wire at the top, covered in insulting graffiti. It’s tough. And all these fears and doubts create a stunning lack of motivation.

So what do I do?

The only thing I can do is search for inspiration. Inspiration is the antidote for apathy.

I think everyone – not only writers – gets done in by boredom and jadedness in their job or life, and needs a little pick-me-up to get going again. That’s why corporations cover their walls in stupid posters of people helping each other up a cliff. Motivational posters are great for rolling your eyes at, but I find it’s quite beneficial to know what kinds of things inspire you and to surround yourself with them.

Here’s what inspires me:

Music – specifically finding new music I become obsessed with
Great horror movies
Mood lighting
Solitary walks at night
Old wooden ships
Tribal masks
Stormy weather
Success stories

If I could wrap myself and my laptop in a cocoon of all those things I would feel unstoppable – like that second train movie Denzel did. I try to keep these kinds of things in my life to keep me going. It’s amazing how quickly after seeing Fright Night and discovering a new band called I Am Dynamite the ideas came bubbling up into consciousness from who-knows-where. I feel elated. I feel like a badass.

So, what inspires you?

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